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Black Forest Trifle

Cake options:
1 box of devil’s food cake, prepared according to package directions
Any chocolate cake or cake of your choice

Whipped cream
1 box of instant chocolate pudding or make your own chocolate mousse
Canned cherries
Fresh cherries
Chocolate shavings (for topping)

Crumble or cut the cake into small pieces
Layer: cake, pudding, canned cherries, whipped cream, custard and repeat until all the ingredients are used up. Make it up as you go – you can add drops of liqueur over the cake layers to soak up extra goodness.
Add fresh cherries and chocolate shavings on top of the last layer.
Refrigerate at least for one hour or overnight for the flavours to develop and for the cake to soak up all the good stuff. Serve chilled.

Cooks in: 10 min.

Serves: 14

Difficulty: Easy

Pairs well with Survivor Cabernet Sauvignon.