Vetkoek and Curry Mince

30 ml (2 T) olive oil
1 onions, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
15 ml (1 T) medium curry powder (adapt according to taste)
5 ml (1 t) ground cumin
600 g beef mince
10 ml (2 T) turmeric
250 ml (1 C) beef stock
500 ml (2 C) mixed frozen vegetables (use a mixture of peas, green beans and corn)
Salt and pepper to taste

1 kg  cake flour
10 g (1 sachet) instant yeast
30 ml (2 T) sugar
7ml (1 ½ t) salt
300 ml lukewarm water (the amount will vary)
Flour for kneading
Oil for greasing and for deep-frying

Use a saucepan with a tight-fitting lid and heat the oil over medium heat. Fry the onions until translucent. Add the garlic and fry for another minute. Sprinkle the curry powder and cumin over the onion and garlic mixture and stir well. If the mixture looks too dry, add a tablespoonful of water.
Increase the heat, add the mince and mix it well with the onions and spices. Brown the mince.
Add the turmeric and stock, give it a stir, and then bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the saucepan with the lid and simmer gently for at least 30 minutes. The longer it simmers, the more flavoursome it will be. If the mixture becomes too dry, add a little water.
As soon as the mince is cooked to your taste, add the frozen vegetables and simmer for another 10 – 15 minutes until the vegetables are cooked. Taste and add salt and pepper if needed.

Mix the cake flour,  yeast, sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre of the mixture and gradually add the lukewarm water while stirring with a wooden spoon. Add just enough water to make a stiff dough.
Sprinkle a work surface with flour and knead the dough for bout 10 minutes until it is smooth and elastic.
Grease a clean bowl with a little oil, place the dough in the bowl and then rub a little oil over the dough. Cover and set aside in a warm place to rise for about 35 – 40 minutes, or until doubled in size.
Knock back the dough on a lightly floured surface. Press the dough flat (or use a rolling pin to make it easier) and cut the vetkoek according to the size you want. Place on a baking tray dusted with flour, cover and leave to rise again for about 15 minutes, or until doubled in size.
Heat the oil in a pan to medium heat. Deep-fry the vetkoek in batches, turning often, until golden brown all over. Regulate the temperature of the oil so that the vetkoek cooks through properly and adjust the temperature for each batch. As soon as the vetkoek is cooked, remove using a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels to get rid of any excess oil.
To assemble, cut open the vetkoek, spread with butter and spoon in the curried mince filling.

Serves: 8 – 10 vetkoeks

Pairs well with Survivor Chenin Blanc.


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