The Elgin wine region has gained recognition for its cool climate and diverse terroir that allows for the production of distinctive and high-quality wines. Elgin’s terroir is defined by its unique combination of soil, climate, altitude, and geography. The cool climate and varying altitudes of the vineyards contribute to the grapes’ character, enhancing their complexity and flavour profile. The ocean’s influence, with its cooling breezes and fog, adds a maritime element to the terroir, influencing the grapes’ development and the resulting wine’s characteristics. The diverse terroir allows for the successful cultivation of various grape varieties, including Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


The soil composition in Elgin is highly varied, consisting of a range of soils derived from weathered sandstone, granite, and shale. These diverse soils include clay, decomposed granite, sandstone, and Table Mountain sandstone, among others. The terroir of Elgin is often associated with wines that showcase elegance, minerality, and a beautiful balance between fruitiness and acidity. Our Sauvignon Blanc is planted on gravel, clay, sandstone, and weathered shale. Our Chardonnay is planted 300 meters above sea level on soil of weathered shale and clay.


What makes this valley so spectacular is its astounding views of the majestic Hottentots—Holland, Kogelberg, and Groenberg Mountain Ranges—that form a plateau around the valley, creating a bowl-shaped amphitheater with altitudes ranging from about 300 m to 600 m above sea level, creating meso-climates. The prevailing south-easterly wind brings cool pockets of air that get trapped in the bowl under a blanket of mist and cloud that keep the average temperatures cooler than the rest of the wine-growing regions. The lower temperatures result in the grapes taking longer to ripen, which means that all the phenolic elements have time to ripen simultaneously with sugar ripeness. Elgin Valley is one of the coolest wine-producing areas in South Africa, with a slow, even optimum ripeness with perfect acidity and flavour. The wines are awarded with elegance, poise, complexity, and a burst of fruit.


Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay