Survivor strikes a Grand Wines hat trick at SAWi wine awards

Survivor, the unbridled wine range rooted in the Swartland, has joined the ranks of South Africa’s best performing wines in the South African Wine Index (SAWi) with no less than three contenders in the top tier Grand Wines Collection.

Survivor Reserve Pinotage with a score of 99,4 and Sauvignon Blanc on 96,2 were both awarded Platinum, while Survivor Chenin Blanc earned Grand Gold with 93,4.

This annual barometer of wine excellence recognises wines that have stood the test of time. The Wine Index is scored out of 100 and calculated according to the combined results a particular wine has achieved over numerous vintages in any of 100 different local and international wine contests. Only wines that have attained a minimum score of 93 make the cut for SAWi’s new Grand Wines Collection category spanning the last 10 years.

“Our high SAWi scores across three of our top performing wines shows that we are on the right track with our Survivor range and strengthens our resolve to maintain our single minded focus on sense of place and authenticity,” says winemaker Ben Snyman.

Last year the top scoring Survivor Reserve Pinotage, won the Trophy as the best Pinotage at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show.

Survivor wines are inspired by the spirited indigenous Nguni cow that stands proud on every bottle as a symbol of tenacity, exuberance and African folklore.

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