We are excited to announce a creative collaboration with local South African brands to craft a range of Nguni inspired SURVIVOR merchandise.  All our merchandise are available to order online and will be delivered within 2 to 5 days.

Genuine Leather Survivor Wine or Laptop Bag

Whether you want to meet up with friends or quickly check your email, our durable, hand made Survivor leather bag can do both!

With this 25cm wide and 37cm in length bag you can carry two bottles of our Survivor wines to any occasion and is also suitable for a 15 inch laptop.

Get yours today with Free delivery Nationwide!

Sapmok is an all adventure brand with a unique product offering of hand-crafted shoes and products tailored to give an authentic feel and real life experience.

Every shoe we make is handcrafted by our skilled (funny) cobblers, and can be witnessed at Sapmok HQ. We cut, measure and stitch everything from scratch, creating a shoe from nothing.

We can make a shoe from a clients shirt if they have the demand. We use the best quality materials we can lay our hands on, especially our leather. Only using the best leather from the best (most ethical) tanneries in South Africa. We are constantly trying to find the most durable, good looking and self-healing leather on the market. This is an ongoing process and will always be high on our priority list.


Veldskoene (“FELT-skoona”) or colloquially vellies (“FELL-ys”), are Southern African walking shoes made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole without tacks or nails.

The name comes from Afrikaans vel (“skin”), later assimilated with veld (“field”), and skoene (“shoes”). They were first made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa. Their design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear observed by these settlers.

Handmade, lightweight and extremely tough worn by all classes and professions

Our Nguni vellies is uniquely South African. The heel is made of real Nguni hide.


NguniGalore creates eye-catching canvas prints and decor items. We draw inspiration from nguni hides to create a product range of printed imagery that includes canvas prints, cushions, tableware, bags, and much more featuring original photos and beautiful nguni patterns.

We fell in love with indigenous South Africa and were inspired by the humble Nguni cow. The beautiful hide and innocent creature had something that intrigued us and so Nguni Galore was born.

Our operations today are headed up by the owner, John Lamberti, who is also the in-house photographer. He has an eye for all things natural and raw. John’s vision was been to create a range of products South African inspired which now includes canvas prints, bags, tableware, and cushions. The process to get these items to market is a very personal one. Each product is hand-painted or photographed and made with a purpose.