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Survivor Wines stand for ‘me time’ in 2018

Pause, reflect and pour a glass of Survivor Wine – SA bloggers and vocal wine enthusiasts reveal their tips for #Surviving2018

In a world filled with stories, few industries lend itself to such colourful stories as the winelands. One such colourful story is the tale of a brave Nguni cow, who, while being transported from one farm to the next, jumped from the open truck she was transported in, landing in the middle of a vineyard. In an appropriate showcase of the breed’s durability and robust character, the cow suffered no injuries, and so was christened ‘Survivor’.

This brave Nguni cow inspired one of South Africa’s trendiest wine brands: Survivor Wines by Overhex Wines International.

The story of the brave Nguni cow has since become a metaphor for brave choices, and in line with this Survivor Wines reached out to some of South Africa’s most vocal wine enthusiasts to hear what their #Surviving2018 tips are:

Gaynor van Rooyen of Tulips and Phoenixes encourages her readers to explore South Africa and to become tourists in their own country. Always at work capturing beautiful content for her blog, Gaynor has a very simple, but effective, approach to 2018: “I plan to survive 2018 by investing more in myself.”

Laura, of the blog Laura’s World, lives a busy life: she keeps her readers updated on all the latest food, wine and travel trends while also holding down a full-time job at a telecommunication company. A lifestyle that leaves very little time for me-time. “This year I choose myself” is Laura’s advice to fellow busy-bodies in 2018.

Herman Lindtvelt writes avidly on WineTourismZA, a blog inspired by South Africa’s fine hospitality offerings. Herman has clearly mastered the art of zen, and it is no surprise that his approach in 2018 is of a spiritual nature: “In 2018 I will persist with a daily meditation session and this basic mindful practice: Keep the focus of your consciousness in the present moment rather than in the past or future.”

Leanne Beattie of The Wine Girl Cape Town has set herself a brave (but fun) goal: visiting 800 of SA’s wine farms – that’s 80 a year! Clearly not someone to shy away from challenges, Leanne aims to survive 2018 by “staying connected with the people I love. If that means more data to video call instead of whatsapp, then that’s what I will do!”

Tshepang Molisana was crowned Veritas Young Wine Writer of the Year in 2016 and has since also served as the editor of Fastjet’s Places magazine. Always exploring the world, Tshepang is an active participant of life. Her advice “I plan on surviving 2018 by drawing on lessons from 2017, spending more quality time with friends and family, laughing more and committing to spoiling myself and my loved ones with treats such as spa days, adventures that involve exploring my own city and others, and cooking for those who need home comforts.”

Actor Garth Breytenbach lives busy life on- and off screen, and recently concluded filming of the film Five Fingers for Marseilles. His survival strategy in 2018 focuses on “more short breaks away to secluded local locations, take in the fresh air with a glass of good vino in hand and enjoy the sunsets.”

The duo at Cape Wine Guru Tane Enslin and Danielle du Plooy, run a wine export consulting business, connecting international businesses with various wine cultures an cultivars. As business owners they know the importance of making time to relax with a glass of wine: “To survive 2018 one should always take long romantic walks down the wine aisles, spend quality time with good friends, enjoy and explore different cuisines and remember that everything happens for a riesling.”

Candice Groenmeyer lives her life according to four big words: Create. Live. Giveback. Inspire. For her surviving isn’t a singular act, but something that is best achieved in the plural: “I plan on surviving 2018 by spreading the fun wherever I go. What better way to turn around not only my year, but those around me.”

In her own words, joyous Roxanne la Vita from Witty Wine Woman enjoys life “one sip / bottle at a time”. For this fun-loving wine enthusiast surviving 2018 boils down to good wine and good company: “drink what makes you happy with friends who make you laugh!”

Elmarie Berry from Elmarie Berry Good Food doesn’t just write about wine, she gets stuck into it. In 2017 she made a Cabernet France and Merlot (set for enjoyment in 2019). Obviously not scared to try her hands at new things, Elmarie offers the following advice for 2018: “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. I will not give up until I see my dreams in real life.”

Gregarious Elvina Fortuin is on a mission to break down the barriers to wine enjoyment: starting with the stereotypes – so don’t expect any wine snobbery on her blog, Through My Wine Glass. Her focus in 2018 revolves around 3 words:” Breathe. Read. Wine.”

Creative Jeff Siepman from Man vs. Mind knows that exploration is key to finding balance in 2018: “For me adventure and exploration will be key to surviving 2018. Get out more, explore your city and the things around you. Basically, just get out and do something different every weekend, that’s a whole lot of new adventures to look forward to.”

Roelia Schoeman pairs good food and fun company to great wine on her blog Boozy Fooodie that celebrates the absolute best life has to offer. Her survival kit for 2018 includes: “Surrounding myself with good friends, great wine and positive vibes – every day! 2018 will be the year for looking after your soul.”

Jenna Maree-Kipling embraces a handful of the best things in life – surfing, beauty, food and travel – and shares snapshots of her life on The Social Needia. Making time to enjoy it all requires a balancing act, and Jenna advises that 2018 should be about “Finding balance. Balance between living and working, and everything in between.”

Nadine Carroll has travelled the globe, and although the wanderlust bug hasn’t left her, she has plenty adventures in Cape Town to feed her wandering heart. She shares her adventures on Living It Up CT, and in 2018 she plans to step these up a notch: “I plan on not only surviving 2018 but thriving too! Survivor Wines will be right there while I make ‘me time’ a priority – long beach walks, yoga, spa days and travel will ensure I survive and thrive in 2018!”

In her own words, Maya Dajee found her appetite in 1979 and has not looked back since – this ‘food musketeer’ stands by this appetite for life in 2018: “Starve your distractions. Feed your focus and aim to be rich. Rich in adventure, rich in health, rich in family, rich in laughter and rich in love.”

Janet Roswell refers to herself as an ordinary ‘Joe’ (‘Janet’) but she lives a beautifully adventurous life in the Cape Winelands – accompanied by her two naughty staffies – that she shares with readers on Just Janet. Janet’s approach to surviving 2018 is one we can all follow: “Learning how to enjoy the little things in every day and making sure that I always have a bottle of wine in the fridge.”

Ben Snyman, winemaker at Survivor Wines, is never deterred from smiling – an easy feat when you work on one of the trendiest wine brands in South Africa. His tip to keep smiling in 2018 is: “Always make time to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend, a parent or a sibling.”

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